ten foot tin tittie

Apparently*, Claire Braz-Valentine, a woman of 60+ years, read this very strongly worded letter to AG John Ashcroft, at the “In Celebration of the Muse” event, Cabrillo College.

Regarding the AG’s recent actions where he spent $8,000 of taxpayer’s money for drapes to cover up the exposed breast of The Spirit of Justice, an 18-foot aluminum statue of a woman that stands in the Department of Justice’s Hall of Justice, this letter is quite direct:

“… because we’ve got the right to bear arms
but we just better not even think
about the right to bare breasts.”

*Apparently, ’cause I found another copy of the letter, unattributed, (warning, unexpected viewing of bare breasts may not be appropriate in an office setting 😉 at a very edgy political satire site. That whole site is worth a look, as well.