Riddle me This!

Get ready for some of the toughest riddles you’ve ever encountered! Even some of the easy ones leave me scratching my head. [ ..:: wu :: riddles(intro) ::..]

Card Counting in the 90’s

I first read about card counters in the late 60s or so, and then again once or twice in the intervening years. Each time there were new twists to an old hustle, usually involving more and more hi-tech assistance. In the 90’s a group of MIT smarties tried a unique approach, involving team play, that, … Read more

Seamless City

Here’s an interesting story about a San Francisco photographer who is photographing and assembling a 30 mile long panorama of San Francisco. Ranging from popular tourist spots to lesser known areas of the city, the tour will include photos near both bridges. seamless city – about the project

We Don’t *Have* to Tell You

And soon it will be a crime to even ask. politechbot.com: Ashcroft balks at Congress’ request for antiterror oversight

There’s a Bad Man and He’s Scaring Me!

Have you ever *really* cconsidered why the 1st and 2nd amendments are in that rank order? ‘Cause the first allows us to speak to these issues and the second, heaven forbid it ever becomes necessary, allows us to preserve the first. politechbot.com: Ashcroft’s plan for detention camps for “enemy” U.S. citizens

What if America Wasn’t America?

The Ad Council put together a series of Public Service Announcements titled Campaign for Freedom following the events of 9/11. Designed to celebrate the freedoms that define the USA, the middle 4 of 6 clips also serve as stark warnings against allowing the campaign against terrorism to become a campaign against our civil liberties. As … Read more

I Think He’s Got a Point!

Written in response to the late 1990’s decision by the Kansas Board of Education having voted to eliminate the teaching of evolution, this Memo From God is still a good read today.

Assembled With Care

I recently built a new home computer system, though that’s not what this post is about. While I didn’t have any serious problems, I’m *sure* things would have gone even better had I used the crack assembly team this fellow used: Team Lego!

Even Celebrities Do It

enjoy fine cooking, that is. 🙂 At first I thought this was a spoof site, and I guess it is in some ways, but there’s no denying that they have many sumptious food photos: Food P*rn.