These Aren’t Really Funny

But they sure are brutal, mostly accurate, pointed jabs at our current leadership. Following in the footsteps of Oliphant, Doonesbury, etc., the Political Strikes political cartoon site, pokes a sharp stick at the follies of modern US government policies and actions. Utilizing a fresh approach of adding irreverent captions to photos of GW and others, … Read more

On Change

The art of progress is to preserve order amid change and to preserve change amid order. Alfred North Whitehead, Science and the Modern World

Perspectives of an 18 Year Old

Have you ever considered the world-view of an 18 year old entering college this fall? Take a look at the Mindset List compiled for the use of the faculty and staff of Beloit College. The Beloit Wisconsin liberal arts school started preparing the lists 5 years ago to aid the professors gain an understanding of … Read more

Hand in Hand

Cue Elvis Costello: No, don’t ask me to apologize. I won’t ask you to forgive me … Like many folks, the thing that got to me the most was the jumpers. Once I realized that’s what I was seeing on TV, I didn’t watch as closely, and whenever footage came on that I believed showed … Read more


From the Dept. of Homeland Irreverance comes a set of anti-terrorism posters, but with a twist.

Love is the Answer

This interview, courtesy of Tom over at Fort Boise, is a moving look at the power of love, in the context of 9/11.

Friday the 13th, For Real

Regardless of how you feel about invading Iraq, the absolute failure (a US aircraft carrier was (virtually) sunk!! and that’s only the beginning … ) of US forces in a mock attack against Iraq, described in the following article, should give one pause: Iraqis Devastate US in War Games

Sep 11, One Year Later, from Space

I’m a sucker for high quality, high-res satellite photos, and these are kind of timely as well: Sep 11, One Year Later, from Space

Final Exposure

I did avoid the major media today, having no desire to re-view the images that I can see in my mind anyway. On the other hand, I did spend some time viewing different blogs, which I found satisfying. This fascinating article, via Doc, outlines the recovery of some photographs taken by someone who was near … Read more

Depends on Your Perspective

It was the best of times: Fed Accomplishments since 11Sep01. It was the worst of times: Reason Magazine Reviews Changes since 11Sep01. Join the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) ; that’s how I chose to honor the TRUE spirit of America! Join the fight for freedom today!