Hand in Hand

Cue Elvis Costello: No, don’t ask me to apologize. I won’t ask you to forgive me …

Like many folks, the thing that got to me the most was the jumpers. Once I realized that’s what I was seeing on TV, I didn’t watch as closely, and whenever footage came on that I believed showed folks jumping, I simply didn’t watch.

A year later and those are still, for some reason, the most troubling memories I have related to 9/11. Curiously, reading about it, while painful and oft-times tear inducing, helps comfort me in some small way. Perhaps it’s the understanding of how widely this particular feeling is shared.

These 3 articles speak to this more eloquently than I’m capable, so I want to share:

Part of the PBS special Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero, this essay is a very powerful and moving read.

This letter, written by a professor with a clear view of the towers, is insightful due to its’ first-person perspective.

Written by a survivor who worked on the 105th floor of Tower 2, this reflection of her experiences is a testament to the power of doing what you know is right.