Liberty & Freedom

I’m not gonna dwell on it today, but the simple fact is that the things that made America a great country are diminished as compared to one year ago, especially in the area of civil rights and civil liberties. Thankfully, the true American spirit is starting to show, and here’s an example, courtesy of the … Read more


“I’m an inventor, and that’s what made me interested in trend analysis: Inventions need to make sense in the world where you finish a project, not the world in which you start the project.” Ray Kurzweil 2002

Seafoam / Buckhorn Photos

Starting w/the 146 pictures taken during 5 days in Mendocino, I’ve selected the best, most representative ones and made them available on the web. After selecting, sorting, and renaming, the only thing left to publish the photos was to copy them to a shared (via samba) folder on my local linux box. There I’m running … Read more

Seafoam Lodge / Buckhorn Cove

We spent Labor day weekend, padded by a day on each end, at a nice, rustic lodge located on the Mendocino coast of northern California, near Little River. The Seafoam Lodge is a warm and welcoming place, friendly to both kids and pets as evidenced by the frolicking on the expansive front lawn. Seafoam boasts … Read more