Seafoam / Buckhorn Photos

Starting w/the 146 pictures taken during 5 days in Mendocino, I’ve selected the best, most representative ones and made them available on the web.

After selecting, sorting, and renaming, the only thing left to publish the photos was to copy them to a shared (via samba) folder on my local linux box. There I’m running the IDS web photo album which is a cgi-based means for displaying photos on the web.

IDS relieves one from the drudgery of resizing images, and having to choose a resolution that won’t satisfy everyone. The program allows the user to choose the closeup size, and then all closeups are displayed at the chosen size (yes, it uses a cookie to accomplish this). In addition, IDS offers both thumbnail and closeup views of all images.

See the results:
Mike & Sheryl’s PhotoBlog :: : Mendocino, August 2002