Takin’ it to the (virtual) Streets

Computer game publisher Electronic Arts, creator of the fantastically popular Sims line of computer games, has recently announced a virtual, interactive, online Sims experience called, oddly enough, the Sims Online. That in and of itself isn’t newsworthy, but what makes this particular online experience unique is the treatment given to one of America’s largest corporate icons (and largest advertiser!). Participants in this new Sim world will have the option of opening up McDonald’s food kiosks, and additionally, game-play stats will be influenced by the consumption of McGoodies.

Not everyone thinks this is a great idea, and in true american rebel spirit, online, in-character, protests are being planned. Protestors are encouraged to picket the nearest Sims McD, eat the food and then react as if poisoned, as well as other creative pranks. It is too soon to tell whether the protesters will be “discouraged” from this type of behaviour.