Scavenger Hunting for Grownups (aka Geocaching)

We spent the afternoon driving home from our stay near Elk (near Mendocino) by visiting a number of spots that we probably wouldn’t have known about were it not for the new outdoor activity known as geocaching.

Geocaching is the sport of using your GPS receiver to try and locate cleverly hidden caches(comprised of small trinkets & goodies in a waterproof container), swapping one of the newly found goodies for one of your old ones, and then writing up your experiences at the geocaching web site.

Here’s an entry from the geocaching faq:

So what’s the big deal? You gave me the coordinates so I know where it is. Seems pretty easy.

It is deceptively easy. It’s one thing to see where an item is, it’s a totally different story to actually get there.

I can confirm the above based on actual experience! 🙂

Here’s where we went: (links go to the detail page for each cache site, which include user comments)

Dramamine Drive
Mallo Pass Creek
San Andreas (G8)
Salty Dog