London by Night

Click on the image for more information, or view a much larger version of the image. Digging deeper, it turns out there is an entire NASA site devoted to displaying photographs of Earth, taken by astronauts. The opening page is fun, as a photo of a random location on earth is presented, and you may … Read more

Codex Seraphinianus

Imagine a book, vividly and somewhat bizarrely illustrated, written in a language for which there is no known translation. Imagine further that the pretext for the book is a travalogue or scientific study of an alien world … one that is a perverse reflection of our own! You would have imagined Codex Seraphinianus, a collection … Read more

Hey, I Resemble That Remark

The Atlantic Online has published an insightful article on the topic of introversion. Among other points, the article tries to dispel one myth: that introverts are, by definition, shy. Introverts suffer less from shyness than from simply not needing as much human interaction as other people, and especially not as much as extroverts. Speaking of … Read more

Signs of the Times

I found a list of the best slogans seen at a recent NYC peace rally, and also a slideshow of some of the best posters (a couple are shown below; the photo above is taken w/the Danger Hiptop phone: click on the image to see more of the same):

Swedish Apple Cake

Sheryl’s mom, Laurina, was famous for her Swedish Apple Cake, which she brought to virtually every big family gathering. She got the recipe from Sheryl’s Aunt Harriet, and now custody has passed to me. I first made the cake a few years ago, and it’s been a big hit every time I’ve made it since … Read more

Make Love, Not War

Lysistrata, a Greek comedy written over 2000 years ago, is assuming a modern relevance which culminates on March 3rd, 2003. That’s the day when over 600 groups will perform public readings of the tale of how the wives and girlfriends of the warriors of the Peloponnesian War brought an end to that war. (Is it … Read more

Around the World with Mike Pugh chronicles the solo, one year, round-the-world journey of Mike Pugh, an optimist from Chicago, USA. As of this writing, Mike has been on the road for 143 days and is visiting Varanasi, India. He started his journey in SE Asia, and has already compiled a rich set of commentary and photos to document his … Read more

They’re at it Again!

We’ve all heard that “Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom“*. In light of the current assault on our constitution, truer words were never spoken! After the TIA (Total Information Awareness) proposal (which congress has put on hold), and the proposed update called (un)Patriot II, we now find another bold attempt to circumvent privacy rights. … Read more