Trust Your Heart

I recognize in myself the struggle alluded to in the quote below. I like to think that as I continue through the journey of life I continue to gain appreciation for that which is truly important and meaningful to me, though it is not always easy. “The intellectual is constantly betrayed by his vanity. Godlike … Read more

Blog, Blog, Blog — Blog Iraq

Sorry. Anyway, thanks to metafilter, I found a site that has a wide variety of links to online resources devoted to the current WAR in Iraq. There are personal and corporate type blogs, as well as other resources such as map sites and audio/video links. Read the metafilter comments page for links to some interesting … Read more

All New Look!

From the proper-cased titles (no more all cap TITLES!), through the standard navigation elements (on most pages), a nicer title bar, and finishing with a completely new color scheme, I’ve just finished a major make-over of this site. Behind the scenes, I’ve made great use of MT code modules to help manage the common elements … Read more

Gulf War Drinking Game

The Gulf War Drinking Game has been updated. Couple of good ones: # an american reminds the french of world war one and two x2 if a frenchman reminds the americans of the revolutionary war A news correspondent asks if they can still be heard x2 if they say “Can you hear me now?” x3 … Read more

So Far, So Good

we’ll keep fingers crossed, and continue to hope for a quick, relatively bloodless conclusion to the matter at hand.

America’s Saddest Day?

I hope against hope that today doesn’t mark America’s saddest day; the day we lost our way, and began acting outside the law. First strike has never been our country’s policy, and the potential costs, from the damage to our relations with the rest of the world, to the very real possibility that many other … Read more

Spring Additions

While out looking for cool hacks to add to my blog, I came across the girlie matters MT tricks page. I was struck by the entry counts next to the category and monthly archive links, and quickly guessed that the same code that lists the number of comments in an entry was responsible. I was … Read more

Such a Long Long Time to be Gone

and a short time to be there. (Box of Rain) In honor and memory of Laurina Cipra, who passed away one year ago today. She still lives on in the hearts of her family, who miss her deeply, and her many friends she made in over 80 years of gracing this world with her presence. … Read more

Spring Cleanup

Over the weekend I updated my installation of movabletype to the latest release, 2.63. It went without a hitch, and all seems to be working well. Once I was working on the site I turned my attention to cleaning up my templates. My main template was in reasonable shape, but my individual, monthly and category … Read more