Southwest Chicken Wraps

This is a simple, quick and very tasty recipe that has sort of evolved over the years and has never been written down. I made it again last night, (it’s a family favorite), and decided to write it up and share.

Southwest Chicken Wraps


boneless chicken thighs: 5-8 thighs serve 4-6 people
chopped onion: 1 med.
minced garlic: 2-4 cloves
chili powder: 1.5 T
long green peppers: 2-3 (optional)

black beans: 1 can
steamed rice: 2-3 Tbs per wrap
grated cheese: as needed
burrito shells: as needed

Roast the peppers (over a gas flame or in the broiler) to ease removing the skin, steam in a paper bag for a few minutes, then peel, (discard the seeds), and chop.

Saute’ the onion, chicken and garlic, until mostly done. Push to one side and add the chili powder, and cook it in the side of the pan for a couple of minutes before mixing with the rest of the ingredients, including the previously prepared peppers. Simmer till it’s time to eat. The longer it cooks, the better it gets.

Steam the shells to soften them. Lay a shell out flat and place a layer of rice, followed by beans and then the meat filling. Top it with cheese, WRAP it all up and enjoy!

Your favorite ice cold beverage, along with chips and salsa, make the perfect accompaniment for this dish.