A Modern Good Samaritan

This is such a story of courage that I’m breaking my ban on reporting on the current conflict.

It’s also a story that testifies to the power of just one person who takes action and does the “right thing”.

It seems the rescue of Private First Class Lynch came about because Mohammed found out from a doctor friend that the captive was being held at the hospital where he worked. Mohammed walked almost 10 miles to a US Marine camp to let them know that he had seen at least one US prisoner, still alive, but under duress.The whole story is well worth reading.

“My Heart Cut … A person, no matter his nationality, is a human being,” said the tipster, a 32-year-old lawyer, whose wife was a nurse at the hospital where Private Lynch was found.

Recounting his trip back to the hospital after informing the marines of the scene in the hospital brought back some scary memories. “Boom, boom. I walked under bombs. Fire, Fire,” Mohammed recalled.

I remain convinced of the essential goodness and decency of humans; well-known exceptions (including mob rule/group think) not-withstanding.