Me and My Uncle: 2003 Update

sung to the dead’s “Me and My Uncle” (via Jeffrey; I’ll post a link to his blog when he’s got more than one entry 🙂 Me and Dick Cheney, Went bombin towns Umm Qasr and Basra West Baghdad bound We bombed over from in Bahrain You know diplomacy just went down the drain A puppet … Read more

The Journey Begins

We weren’t sure what to expect at the Sacramento Yorkshire Terrier dog show. What we got was what the name implied: dogs being shown and judged as they were walked around the ring for everyone to enjoy. It was fun to hang around with a room full of yorkies (and their owners :), and we … Read more

I Am the Drum

“You are the drum; we are the drum.” When I saw Olatunji and his drums of passion perform before the Dead at Telluride, it made a lasting impression. Large drums, bigger than anything I had seen before, and played with as much passion as any live performance I’ve seen. RIP Babatunde Olatunji


Kona was a member of our family for 15 years. He was a delightful yorkie, and we have many fond memories of the time he was with us. He passed away over a year ago, and the time has come for us to bring home a new puppy. Our good luck is that the Yorkshire … Read more

More Fun with GPS

A while back I mentioned the sport of geocaching, which involves using one’s GPS receiver to try and locate cleverly hidden objects hidden ostensibly in plain sight. From our friends in the UK comes a new GPS related sport known as GPS Drawing. Simply put, GPS drawing is the act of creating large-scale drawings using … Read more

Good News on the War Front!

The battle to protect and preserve the constitution of the US, that is. One of the more fascist elements of the Patriot Act grants government officials vastly increased powers to demand information regarding a library patron’s activities. Examples include what books they checked out, what web sites they visited and so on. Furthermore, libraries are … Read more

5 April 1974

Mike Rodriquez and Sheryl Cipra were joined in marriage; one that continues happily to this day. Too busy celebrating to post more, but wanted to note such a significant date.