Power of CSS

Zeldman points to a pretty nifty trick cooked up by Stuart Robertson over at Design Meme. With just a couple of lines of code, mousing over a paragraph causes all links in that paragraph to be displayed with an underline. No javascript; just CSS and a modern browser. I prefer to not see web pages … Read more

Images from Tahoe

I’ve put together a select sampling of the photos I took when we were up at Tahoe recently. Here’s a teaser; the rest of the images are over at RiverSide-Cafe.com.

Never Forget

I love the rich, saturated artwork of these old images from the early 20th century. You can find more images like this, plus a whole lot more at the MemorialDay.org site.

Picture a Bright Blue Ball

just spinning, spinnin free, Dizzy with eternity. Yeah, I know, I was burned out on that song myself. Still, Throwing Stones is a powerful, still relevant song, and the imagery conveyed by the title of this post reflects one of its more hopeful messages. To me, this picture of the earth and the moon, as … Read more

Modern Photography

I think this imaginative picture is so cool (click on it to see a larger version): Here’s some more info about and work by the artist, Boris Artzybasheff, who created this highly expressive view of a modern (circa 1950’s) photographer. One of the greatest thing about visiting the the links mentioned above is that I … Read more

Geocaching at Lake Tahoe

We found 3 geocaches while we were up at Lake Tahoe recently. Follow the preceding link to find out more about this fun outdoor sport that involves finding a variety of places and things using a GPS. It’s not as easy as it may sound. We started at Logan Shoals Vista Point and located our … Read more

It’s Like Thunder, Lightning

One of the few things I miss about the midwest (besides family) are the late spring and early summer thunder storms. Towering clouds, building up all day, explode with a blindingly bright, deafeningly explosive fury of lightning and then … wait … thunder, for which there is no comparison. Or is there? While I had … Read more

First Post at New Host

Welcome! This is the first post at my new hosting service, pair.com. Actually, I’ve been using pair to host glowrocks.com for almost as long as my other ISP (to be named once I’m free of their incompetent clutches). There are bound to be a few broken links, etc. but for the most part the transition … Read more

What is Your Animal Personality?

I don’t normally indulge in these “personality” quizzes, but for some reason I took the animal personality test. The results were not entirely inaccurate, and also, not too embarassing: BTW, the complete set of possible results is was available; there was one other animal that I thought came close to matching my personality. Leave a … Read more

How Google Works

As one with more than a passing familiarity with unix server design and sys-admin issues, I found this in-depth article describing google’s server architecture a fascinating read. While the emphasis is on the hardware design choices, there is also quite a bit of info regarding the information flow through the system, from indexing the web … Read more