The Meme Manifesto

Powerful writing over at The Barbaric Yawp (excerpted below). While perhaps a bit hyperbolic, the sentiment manifest in the writing below is bound to give any freedom loving, thinking person food for thought.

The Meme Manifesto

WE, the people of the United States of America, believe that our present government has repeatedly betrayed the ideals of the founders of this nation. As a result of political and corporate imperialism, we have never been less secure as a nation, physically, morally, economically and intellectually. We therefore make the following demands:

1. That the present illegitimate government be replaced by one elected by popular vote of the people and that electoral reforms be instituted to insure that such fraud is never perpetrated again; and

2. That current policies of unilateralism be replaced by a recognition that this nation is but one member of a global community in which cooperation is necessary to the survival of all; and

3. That immediate steps be taken toward those ends, including reinstitution of this nation’s commitment to arms reduction and nuclear non-proliferation agreements; and

4. That this nation sign the Kyoto Accords as a first step in regaining international leadership toward environmental stewardship of this planet; and

5. That all tax reductions enacted by the present government be immediately repealed and that policies of sound economic management, beginning with a balanced budget, be instituted; and

6. That unfunded mandates by the federal government to the states be ended; and ..

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