Wild, Wild West

After starting with a relatively serene view of Yosemite’s Half Dome,

half dome

our journey through the desert revealed some elements of the untamed west.

In eastern Nevada we drove past many “dust devils”,

dust devil

and a bit later spied this intense gateway arch that was completely covered with deer antlers, a sight quite unlike any we’ve seen before.

antler arch

It was a very pleasant day for driving, with high scattered clouds and light traffic out on US 6. The desert was much more green than expected; turns out that recent rains accounted for the nice surprise, which makes sense. Desert life responds well to water :-).

(Larger versions and closeups will be posted when I get more bandwidth than the 24K I get from this hotel room.)

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  1. Hi, how are you doing, it’s me, I’m wondering what you are doing? When we looked on the website we saw only three things and it has been three days, where are you now? Have you set up the tent yet? Do they have any grass over there? All these things that I’m asking you now is coming all from me! We’re doing fine, how about you? It’s very hot over here, how is the weather over there? Is it hot or cold? Me and mom both miss you we wish you. Send us a picture.

    This is Moneka and your daughter, Lisa.

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