It’s Moving, Isn’t It?

This is just too weird. As you look at this image (attempts to shrink the image to fit this page broke the very powerful affect; go ahead, it’s worth the click!), the circles in your peripheral vision seem to move. You quickly glance right or left and fix your gaze on one of the colorful … Read more

Mike’s Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

What a treat; today I used only carrots from our garden to make this cake! This recipe is my synthesis of many recipes, none of which quite pleased me. Sources included Betty Crocker, the NY Times Cookbook, some recipes I found online, plus some others that I don’t recall. Mike’s Carrot Cake Ingredients 1 C … Read more

What Happened?

We were discussing the relative mental capabilities of recent presidents, and noted the apparent trend in decreasing cognitive abilities when comparing grandson with father and then back to grandfather. As this short biography shows, there was once a brightly shining mind in this family. In some sense he is considered to be the creator of … Read more

We Got Our Yorkie!

I mentioned in a previous post that we were too late returning from our Kansas trip to attend what was no doubt a most excellent Neil Young concert; but we did have our reasons. As it turned out, detouring to visit our Yorkie breeder south of Sacramento proved to be worth missing Neil; we finally … Read more

Endings and Beginnings

Three weeks, 5000 miles and 1200 photos later, we’re back from our visit to Kansas, where we had a great time! As reflected in this journal, we took our time both coming and going, exploring the vast and rugged Southwest United States. Our time in Kansas was very satisfying as we got to spend a … Read more

Great Kansas Photo Site

One of the nice surprises related to my recent geocaching activities was the discovery of an excellent Kansas photo site. Created by Glen Soldan, Our Kansas!, is a great resource for anyone looking for some beautiful spots to visit in Kansas. There are numerous links to both places to visit as well as other interesting … Read more

Home, We’re on Our Way Home!

We started home about 3:30pm Monday, leaving due west on US 56 out of McPherson. We had an uneventful drive, arriving in Lamar Colorado, around 8pm; well in time for the sunset: The next day, on Colorado highway 10, we spied a most marvelous site; mile after mile of sunflowers, visible on both sides of … Read more

Faris Caves

The Faris Caves are man-made caves hand-carved into a sandstone cliff near the Smokey Hill River in North Central Kansas near Kanopolis Lake. We visited there after a day of geocaching, though we didn’t pursue the cache located at the site. Other caches found that day included Potato Hill and Soldier’s Cap.

Smokey Hill River Bridges

One of the things I love about this area is the Smokey Hill River. It used to be that many of the bridges in the area were of the old iron design depicted in these photos. Sadly, most of them have been replaced by more modern designs. While safer, the new bridges certainly lack the … Read more

Kansas Wheat Harvest 2003

The wheat harvest in Kansas is turning out to be the best one in 3 years. The impact on a small town is chronicled in this story which helps underscore how important agriculture is to the overall Kansas economy. Here are some photos of the wheat harvest north of Lindsborg, taken over the past few … Read more