Home, We’re on Our Way Home!

We started home about 3:30pm Monday, leaving due west on US 56 out of McPherson. We had an uneventful drive, arriving in Lamar Colorado, around 8pm; well in time for the sunset:

Colorado Sunset, July 2003

The next day, on Colorado highway 10, we spied a most marvelous site; mile after mile of sunflowers, visible on both sides of the road as far as the eye could see. This went on for close to 20 miles:

Colorado Sunflowers, July 2003

Later in the day we stopped at the misnamed Aztec ruins near Aztec, NM.

Aztec Ruins, July 2003

As we drove from Aztec through Farmington we encountered a quite severe sandstorm. The storm cleared as we entered Arizona, but resumed with an even greater intensity as we entered Kayenta, almost 80 miles south of the Four Corners area.

Speaking of the Four Corners, according to my GPS unit and confirmed via some web searches, the actual Four Corners location is actually almost 300 yards to the northwest of the specified location:

Four Corners, July 2003

Surprisingly, 20 miles from Kayenta, up at Monument Valley, the winds and dust were almost non-existent:

Monument Valley, July 2003

Today found us spending a little time shopping at the Native American roadside stands that dot the area, along with a relatively quick trip through the always magnificent Grand Canyon:

Grand Canyon, July 2003

We also spotted a nice buck very close to the road:

buck, July 2003