Call These Bastards

I am so sick and tired of unsolicited phone calls. Lately I’ve been getting a number of them that are recordings (thought that was illegal). Since there’s nothing one can really do about this, I’ve taken to paying them back in some small way for wasting my time. Whenever the recording leaves an 800 number, I call up and simply chat, about whatever is on my mind, with whomever answers. Usually, given that the people answering the phones have no vested interest in the company (they’re just phone droids), they are more than welcome to talk to a friendly voice about any number of topics. Doing this relieves my immediate anger at being interrupted, and wastes time and money for the firm that made the initial call.

Today, though, I got an 800 number that I “cannot reach from my dialing area”. So, if you want to have some fun, call these folks at: 1.800.755.8011

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  1. I put the 3 tones signifying “disconnect” at the start of my answering machine message. Since that, the telemarketing calls have dropped by about 80% over 3 months — yes, i let the machine screen my calls.

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