Love and Hate in Baghdad

I found an interesting blog, Baghdad Burning, written by a fellow (anonymous for security reasons) techie who used to work in downtown Baghdad. Used to, because as she is finding out, life isn’t always better now that Iraq has been liberated. But, that’s the topic of another post.

I wanted to share one of Riverbend’s recent posting where she gives a heartfelt review of her love/hate feelings towards the US soldiers occupying her home land.

Here are just a few of her thoughts; it’s really worth reading the whole posting:

– I hated them all through the bombing. Every single day and night we had to sit in terror of the next bomb, the next plane, the next explosion. I hated them when I saw the expression of terror, and remembrance, on the faces of my family and friends, as we sat in the dark, praying for our lives, the lives of our loved ones and the survival of Iraq.

– I feel terrible seeing the troops standing in this merciless sun- wearing heavy clothes