State of the Union, Summer 2003

From Dave Farber’s Interesting People [IP] mailing list. Conservative or liberal, if you’re an American, you’re not imagining things if you suspect that there’s something amiss in our great country. Sometimes it takes a (slightly acerbic) commentary from distant shores to make one realize how quickly things have changed. ++++ interesting perspective, not for everyones … Read more

Lemmings 2003

Here’s a fun little amusement: lemmings, a simple yet enjoyable game from the early 90’s, was recently re-programmed, in javascript!?, by crisp as an entry for a dhtml contest. Yes, this game, which is just as much fun to play as ever, gives no hint that it’s written for and rendered in a modern browser … Read more

Public Service Announcement

So, you took the effort to get yourself placed on the National Do Not Call list. Now you won’t get any more unsolicited calls, right? Guess again. The law has a number of loopholes that allow for unwanted calls. Political organizations, charities, and telephone surveyors are still allowed to call. In addition, one other group … Read more

Fair and Balanced

Just so the good folks at Fox propoganda news are aware, this site also strives to be “fair and balanced”. See this story as well as this one for more details. Besides this entry, my blog now proudly claims to be “fair and balanced” as noted in the masthead.

All Mars, All the Time

I recently discovered Martian Soil, a neat site, and one that seems to be updated quite regularly. In their own words: Martian Soil is a daily blog dedicated to Mars, bringing the exploration of the Red Planet closer to enthusiasts and little green men alike. Within the next two weeks, Mars will make its closest … Read more

Around the World in 4 Years!

Four years ago, Erin and Chris quit their jobs, sold their apartment and made plans to tour the world. Theirs wasn’t just to be a quick whirlwind tour; no, they were going to be gone 15 months! Well, it turned out the journey took 4 years, and they had a wealth of experiences that were … Read more

Keeping Count

I don’t usually go for these kind of lists one finds cluttering their email, but this one was sufficiently different that I thought it worth sharing. Ratio of an igloo’s circumference to its diameter=Eskimo Pi 2000 pounds of Chinese soup=Won Ton 1 millionth of a mouthwash=1 microscope Time between slipping on a peel and smacking … Read more