That’s Not Right!

It’s not the most important issue in the world, but the fact is, the historical record has been altered, and not for the better, by the distributor of a minor comedy from the early 80s. Yes, it seems that WKRP, well known for playing a wide variety of popular music, has been completely eviscerated! Currently … Read more

(More) On Leadership

“The wicked leader is one who the people despise. The good leader is one who the people revere. The great leader is the one of whom the people say, ‘We did it ourselves.’” -Lao-Tzu

Bad Driver, Bad!

After spending a few hours yesterday figuring out how to use ssh tunneling, (possibly the topic of a separate post), I turned to things more mundane today. I decided to see if there were any drivers for my logitech keyboard. I was having trouble using it with a belkin kvm (couldn’t option-select) and thought that … Read more


Since one of the things I like to do is post images it seemed a good idea to try this common activity using my new powerbook. I decided to create and post an image to see how it compared to doing the same on my XP machine. * First, I did a Cmd-Shft-3 screen capture. … Read more

Recent Tunes using Kung-Tunes

I’ve added a new category named MacStuff in anticipation of a flurry of Mac-related posts. I’m having a real blast getting to know OS X, but all is not perfect, and as I find answers to things that frustrated me, I’ll try and share them here. Of course, that’s not the real point of MacStuff; … Read more

Take a Byte

A new 15″ G4 PowerBook plus an iPod equals not much time to blog tonight, but it is worth noting that almost 20 years after the Mac came out I’m finally making the switch. As a unix user/admin for much of the past 20 years (though I mainly use windows and ssh over to my … Read more

Word Pirates

Here’s an interesting web site, Word Pirates, a grassroots effort to take back words whose original meaning have been shamelessly misappropriated by politicians and advertisers and other of their ilk. Here’s one example from the site: For instance, the word “pirate” itself has been taken over by the Big Content companies. They mean “anyone who … Read more

Let Me See That Again

Antipixel made an observation about how he crops digital images much more often than he does film based photos. I tend to crop more since I’ve gone digital; I had ascribed it to my improving ability to see the “true” picture, but perhaps it just has more to do with the medium than anything else. … Read more

Good Fish, Bad Fish

In recent years the word has been getting out that certain species of fish are being over-harvested and as such should be avoided by the dining and fish buying public. In the words of the Steinhart Aquarium: ” Only from the sea do we still regularly capture our fare from nature. But two or three … Read more