Recent Tunes using Kung-Tunes

I’ve added a new category named MacStuff in anticipation of a flurry of Mac-related posts. I’m having a real blast getting to know OS X, but all is not perfect, and as I find answers to things that frustrated me, I’ll try and share them here. Of course, that’s not the real point of MacStuff; I’m excited because there’s so much good stuff to share about the Mac!

We’ll start off with a fun story of how I recreated the “Recent Tunes” section of my blog using Kung-Tunes. Until recently I had been using BlogAmp, which worked in conjunction with Winamp.

Well, that’s the story, really. I downloaded, installed and configured kung-tunes. Along the way learned a bit about .dmg files, desktop clutter, and other such nonsense. After confirming that kung-tunes was working with iTunes and was properly ftp’ing the code snippets up to my server, I then edited my blog’s movabletype templates, commenting out the old blogamp entry, and pasting in the slightly modified code from the kung-fu site. The modifications were very simple, related to the format of the displayed songs.

Quite simple really, and though not a big deal, I like this feature! Now, once I’ve re-ripped my cd collection, using tools that capture all relevant info, the listings will become much more useful. Seems only about 1/3 of my collection was done using proper technique (luckily I’ve only ripped about 1/3 of my total collection). The choice of tools, and whether to continue using CDEx on the PC or something else on the Mac is the subject of another post (I don’t know the answer yet, but am presuming a suitable Mac program exists for this task).