I woke up to 6 porno spams in the comments section of this blog. Ugh. After removing them I determined I might as well wait for the not yet released v1.6 of the MT-Blacklist spam filter (as the current version would have missed today’s spam). I then proceeded to:

* check email, key webs and voice-mail (ongoing throughout day, along w/IM activity)
* update my calendar to reflect new tasks and changes
* wash 5 loads of laundry
* consult on an internal nntp server issue and in so doing discover that my search engine is apparently not indexing as expected
* remove some intransigent files from a web server
* take the car in for service
* provide feedback on a new project in terms of timelines and activities
* provide input for collateral material (poster) for an internal tech-fair
* fix a file perms problem for one of my customers
* test the transparency of revoking and replacing a web server’s certificate
* install outlook as a component of a different project
* engage in troubleshooting and consulting on the above project when things weren’t working as the designer expected.
* process a set of content updates provided us from an external vendor

Sadly, I didn’t get to work on my newsletter article today, but I’ve a few days left for that.

Of course, anyone who does this kind of thing knows that each of those line items is the tip of an iceberg. There are always dozens of little sub-items before any goal is reached. Granting admin access in order to perform a test; installing a related set of files to support the new content; working around numerous obstacles that make computers opaque to most folks.

All in all, a rewarding day. The good news is, it wasn’t a particularly atypical day.

How was your day?

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