A Gift for the Future

While cleaning out my inbox I came across a message that prompted me to action.

It seems that famed bluegrass musician Tut Taylor has around 500 cassette and reel to reel tapes that he wants to sell for $15,000. A group of bluegrass enthusiasts have formed the Steam Powered Preservation Society which is currently attempting to raise the necessary funds to purchase this music. The music will then be freely disseminated to the music trading community.

In their words:

The Steam Powered Preservation Society (SPPS) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of our musical heritage. The current mission of the SPPS is to is to purchase and preserve a large number of archival tapes of significant historical value, and to make them available for educational use. The tapes in question are known as “The Tut Tapes” and consist of over 500 reel to reel and cassette tapes of Tut Taylor and various legendary figures in the American music scene.

Figuring every little bit helps, I made a nominal donation to the cause and encourage others who want to help preserve this great music to do the same.

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