Visions of the Past: Rhyolite, Nevada

Continuing coverage of Mike and Sheryl’s November Desert trip.

24 November 2003

After spending a restful night in Stovepipe Wells, we took off for another day of exploring the northern Death Valley area.

Our first stop was at the ghost town of Rhyolite, located in extreme western Nevada. Founded in the early 1900s, the town, like many other mining focused boom towns in the area, grew rapidly … and faded away just as rapidly.

Occasionally, one does see actual ghosts in a ghost town.


View looking out towards the desert.

desert view from Rhyolite

Three images of the Rhyolite bank.

Rhyolite's bank

Rhyolite's bank

Rhyolite's bank

The semi-famous bottle house and a view of tux with a miner.

bottle house tux with miner

End of the line.

end of the line

More images of Rhyolite images located at the site; very nice!