Insightful Quote on Exploring

This quote seems appropriate after our year of traveling and moving, and is also fitting for the dawn of a new year. We shall not cease from exploration And the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time. TS Elliot The Gilding

Marion Lake Sunset

Sheryl took this enchanting picture of trees silhouetted against the sky at sunset and also mirrored on the water of Marion Lake. Hmm, this one deserves a closer look:

Where Does the Time Go?

It’s hard to believe, but 25 years ago today I began working at 1501 Page Mill Rd. I started as an electronic repair technician for HP’s Stanford Park R & D lab and currently work with a team that provides web services, both for and in cooperation with, the researchers of HP Labs. Today was … Read more

A Few Site Updates

These posts are mainly for me to help keep track of changes to the site and in some cases to share techniques I’ve used to create and manage the site. Similar entries may be found in my blogging category archives. Tonight’s upgrade includes some minor changes and one fairly major change. I changed the default … Read more

Icicles in the Sun

This seems an appropriate topic for the first post of December … some photos of the many icicles created as the warm sun melts the snow on the roof. The melted snow drips down and it’s cold enough that the melted water soon freezes again, before it hits the ground. As the dripping of melted … Read more

The Road South

I took this photo a few days ago, and liked it enough to share. It was taken on Coronado Heights, looking towards the south.

MT-Blacklist: Don’t Blog Without It!*

Looking back I find that I first installed the MT-Blacklist plugin about a year ago. Since then the amount of comment and trackback spam has done nothing but increase, seemingly with no end! I really noticed this after a period of not using MT-Blacklist; every day there were more and more spams to be deleted, … Read more

Winter Wonderland

Though the first snow of the season doesn’t usually last long (and if fact, last night’s snow should be mostly gone by sundown), it sure is beautiful in the bright morning sunlight. Here’s a selection of shots from around our house this morning:

Like Stepping Off a Cliff

So has winter suddenly arrived in mid-central Kansas. After weeks of unseasonably warm weather, (we’ve been tracking Bristol, UK and San Jose, CA temps within 10 degrees day and night), winter weather has arrived. This morning it was a good 20 degrees colder here than in either of the aforementioned locations, plus, we’ve got a … Read more

First Snow!

A little after 8:30 PM it began snowing here in Lindsborg. Our first snow of the season and our first snow in many, many years. The snowflakes are big and moist; the deck and trees are already turning white with close to an inch of accumulated snow. Now I know this post will seem silly … Read more