Doc Watson, American Music Icon

I was fortunate to finally see one of my favorite musicians, Doc Watson, Thursday night. Thanks to our good friends Lee & Rob we got great balcony tickets at the Fox Theater in Redwood City. A converted movie theater, the venue is great for concerts, with easy access, good sightlines and excellent acoustics. I’ve been … Read more


From my daughter: Help preserve the environment: plant a bush back in Texas.


This is a photo of my favorite fluorescent mineral; a beautiful, brilliant 4 color piece from the Franklin mines of New Jersey. This is one of my first digital photographs of our fluorescent mineral collection. I wasn’t too pleased with my first efforts, but this one is nice (ignoring the overexposed bit) and I’ll post … Read more

What Will it Take?

Boingboing points to a fascinating insider’s view of an activity that many Americans have come to dread. Think about the details of your last car buying experience before reading the article and see how often you nod your head in recognition as the story unfolds. It seems the author, a writer for, was on … Read more

Mixed Message

or just extremely insightful news coverage? This accidental juxtaposition of two seemingly unrelated topics struck my funnybone. I suspect that one could make sport of this, watching CNN, etc. looking for similar odd pairings! Thanks to Deborama for the laugh! I think this is an actual screen-shot. If it’s been photoshopped then some of the … Read more

Pig by Gedney

I just discovered the works of William Gedney. He was a photographer and writer who was active from the 1950s through the early 1980s and in locales ranging from both coasts of the US to India and Europe. Gedney photograhed a wide variety of people in a wide variety of settings, and was able to … Read more

The Ad CBS Won’t Show recently ran an ad contest looking for entries that displayed a different perspective than most political ads. Tired of the same old ads, MoveOn went in search of “new talent and new messages”. In their own words: We’re looking for the ad that best explains what this President and his policies are really about … Read more

Peanuts 2004

Here’s a link to a fun quicktime movie; I don’t think I appreciated how wildly they danced before! And the music is thoroughly 21st century.

Gong Xi Fa Chai!

I don’t usually post links to Flash sites, but a colleague shared this, and as I was also born in the Year of the Monkey, it seemed appropriate to pass along. It’s a bit more subtle than a lot of Flash shows … 3 Monkeys

Up on the Hill

I spent a pleasant afternoon in the hills above Stanford on Tuesday. It was a nice day, warm and (mostly) sunny and spent with colleagues and friends of long standing. A group of us from work volunteered to spend the afternoon performing “habitat stewardship”, also known as weeding and clearing away unwanted vegetation. The activity … Read more