Merry Mac Holidays

Happy New Year!

Random observations after a week of mac-hacking:

Dreamweaver mostly sucks, but I don’t know of anything better for small web site management (for managing my non-Movabletype content).

Iview Media Pro 2 is a very fine solution for managing a medium sized collection of images. It’s a very full featured program, easy to use with all controls logically placed and appropriate for the activity at hand. It’s also quite speedy; managing 12k+ images (40+ Gb) quite handily (on a G4 1.25Ghz PB).

The ability to add extensions to the firebird browser is probably one of its most powerful and most overlooked features. The tab management features provided by tabbrowser are amazing (be sure to grab the preferences extension, which provides a nice GUI to all the powerful features of tabbrowser).

BBEdit has some interesting features, but some are incompletely implemented. The file groups browser doesn’t display any file attributes such as size, date modified, etc. The remote access tool, while simple to setup (even using the more secure sftp), suffered from the same lack of completeness. To be fair, those are probably minor concerns when compared with all the great features offered by BBEdit.

Codetek’s DockExtender seems to meet my need to have quick access to menus of my apps without having to open a finder window.

Unsanity’s windowshade is so useful you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

In terms of solitaire games (who, me?), I’m torn between Mike’s Cards and Solitaire till Dawn X, with a slight leaning towards StDX. Mike’s has more games to choose from, but Solitaire till Dawn just seems more “playable”.

3+ months into owning my first Mac and I still love it!