The Mysterious Red Planet

Just why is it that so many attempts to study Mars up close and personal result in apparent failure? Everyone has their own pet theories, many of them involving martians of some sort. Well, maybe not. In any case, “they” don’t always win (Viking, 1975; Pathfinder, 1997) and now we’ve completed the initial phase of … Read more

Barlow Blogs

Worth noting: former Dead lyricist, co-founder of the EFF (join today!) and respected author, (he wrote a Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace), John Perry Barlow has started a blog. Having long enjoyed his writing (and don’t forget he wrote most of the songs that Brent Mydland performed with the dead, as well as Black … Read more

Merry Mac Holidays

Happy New Year! Random observations after a week of mac-hacking: Dreamweaver mostly sucks, but I don’t know of anything better for small web site management (for managing my non-Movabletype content). Iview Media Pro 2 is a very fine solution for managing a medium sized collection of images. It’s a very full featured program, easy to … Read more