Avoid Audible.com

Update: Audible customer service has reinstated credit for the books I had “lost”. I’m happy about that and applaud their very responsive customer service. But, as long as I have to “consume” my 2 books in a limited amount of time I remain at risk of losing books I’ve paid for. So, until audible changes their terms of service I shall no longer remain a customer.

Unless you have the diligence to “purchase” your monthly allotment of books each and every month, with no exceptions, then do NOT sign up for a monthly account at audible.com. Seems that you don’t actually purchase the right to download 2 books a month from audible; you have the right to purchase those 2 books for a very limited time only, and if you miss out for some reason, too bad. They’ve got your money, and you have nothing. To their credit, the last time this happened they gave me credit for the missed books. However, this is an unsustainable model as far as I’m concerned. Once I’ve paid for the right to purchase a book, then I should retain that right indefinitely (at least as long as I’m a member, for sure)!

I’m cancelling my audible.com account, disputing the latest charges, and telling everyone I know to avoid this rip-off company. Even if they give me my credits this time, I’m still going to cancel if they don’t change their model.

rant inspired by listening to Cory Doctorow’s eTech session on eBooks.

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  1. Audible.com double booking

    I’ve been a member of audible.com since 2001, when they started. I still have the 32Meg Diamond Rio I bought at the time to listen to books on the move. Wonderful idea, great technology — I’m still a huge fan…

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