eTech04 Backchannel

One aspect of the eTech04 conference that I found intriguing was the back channel IRC (chat) experience. Always on, almost always active, #etech and #joiito provided an alternate view of the conference; at one point during a panel that included Joi Ito the backchannel was displayed on the main screen (though pretty much ignored by … Read more

More from eTech04

The wide variety of topics covered and fast pace of shared thoughts and ideas continued through the last two days of the 2004 O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference. My 3 word summary? Best Conference Ever! New for me (though I heard about this at Apachecon) was the notion of monitoring the conference IRC channel during the … Read more

San Diego Sun

The beautiful weather during the week of eTech04 continued through the Valentine’s Day weekend. We found ourselves returning more than once to both the La Jolla area and the Silver Strand State Beach on Coronado. La Jolla’s beauty is world famous and deservedly so. In addition to the windsurfers, we also found some interesting seashells … Read more


Update: Audible customer service has reinstated credit for the books I had “lost”. I’m happy about that and applaud their very responsive customer service. But, as long as I have to “consume” my 2 books in a limited amount of time I remain at risk of losing books I’ve paid for. So, until audible changes … Read more

Blogs, Wikis and RSS (oh my!)

What a wonderfully stimulating day today at eTech04! After the keynotes came the first in a series of sessions that touched on a number of topics that I’m heavily involved with these days. First up was the Technorati session, which highlighted some new features of the Technorati Cosmos, a powerful index of blogs and links … Read more

eDem Highlights

Based on a quick search for “digital democracy” over at feedster, it’s clear that this conference is going to be extremely well documented. I’m going to link to some of the entries that caught my eye and that are worth sharing with a larger audience, and will update as I find new, interesting links. Digital … Read more

Digital Democracy Teach-In

The Digital Democracy Teach-In, an adjunct session to this week’s Emerging Technology conference, is off to a great start. Joe Trippi, former Dean campaign manager, was the first speaker, and provided both a great overview of how the internet is changing electoral politics as well as an insider’s view of a modern internet based political … Read more

Carmel to San Simeon

I’m writing this note from the Sands Hotel in San Simeon, near Hearst Castle. We had a very nice drive down today, with bright sunny weather and little traffic. Our first bit of good luck was the easy sailing through the Monterey area; the AT&T golf tournament at Pebble Beach had the potential to cause … Read more


Speaking of fractals, here’s something new, the Bhuddhabrot Set. Fractal images rendered using this technique are ethereal, with a whispery, cloudlike appearance. The complexity and infinite variations represented by fractals strongly hint to me that some sort of fractal based storage/compression system may be practical in the future. Via MeFi.