Gaston Maurice Julia

Yesterday, in honor of his birthday, Google paid homage to Gaston Julia with the following banner image: Julia was a French mathematician who studied the iteration of polynomials and rational functions in the first third of the twentieth century. He is better known in modern times for his contributions to the science of fractal geometry … Read more

Did You Hear

the one about the fellow who was hired to run electricity to the outhouses belonging to some Native Americans? Yup, he was one of the first people to wire a head for a reservation. Courtesy of Utah Philips, via KPIG.

Don’t Argue

“If your mother tells you to do a thing, it is wrong to reply that you won’t. It is better and more becoming to intimate that you will do as she bids you, and then afterward act quietly in the manner according to the dictates of your best judgment.” -Mark Twain’s advice to ‘Bad Boys … Read more

States I’ve Visited

Interesting perspective. We grew up in Kansas and clearly took seriously the admonishment to “Go west!”; much of the travel east of Kansas was business-related (though I always tacked on a bit of sight-seeing when visiting new parts of the country). create your own visited states map.