All Good Things

All Good Things is a fragment of a lyric from the Jerry Garcia song, Run for the Roses, and now it is the name of a spectacular new 6 CD box set featuring Jerry’s studio recordings. Most of these songs were performed with the then current arrangement of the Jerry Garcia Band or other musical friends of Jerry.

Sporting a 128 page booklet chock-full of mostly previously unpublished photos, along with commentary by folks including Robert Hunter, this collection of Jerry’s work outside the Grateful Dead is a very special treat. There are around 4 hours of previously unreleased material in this epic release; a treasure for all Jerry fans, to be sure.

All 5 of his studio albums are presented, recently remastered, and in keeping with previous Grateful Dead box sets, each studio disk is filled to the brim with additional, mostly unreleased material. There are some real gems buried in here. In addition, there is one album consisting soley of outtakes and alternate versions of songs.

Oh, and did we say a 6 CD box set? Well, technically it is, and that’s what you’ll get if you purchase the package in a retail outlet. If you buy online at, you get an additional CD or 2. These are short, promo CDs, and the one advertised online includes more studio work, including a great Visions of Johanna, while the unadvertised disk features 30 minutes of music from a pair of live concerts that took place in July of 1977.

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