Comet Bradfield

I thought this beautiful picture of comet Bradfield deserved a wider viewing. It is one of 3 comets visible to the naked eye during April and May of 2004; a fairly unusual occurence. More information on these naked eye comets is available in this National Geographic article.

comet Bradfield

Oh, why not? Here’s another one:

comet Bradfield

Click on either image to view a larger version. has more information and additional photos. Unfortunately, their archives don’t have individual links, so you’ll have to goto their main page and then look at the archive for the 27th of April, 2004.

Thanks to Doc for the initial link.

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  1. Is Comet Bradfield supposed to hit earth or did it hit somewhere else already? Is it still in the sky right now? WRITTEN :OCT,2,2004

    Please ANSWER

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