CSS Media Types

In the “sharp knives may be dangerous in unskilled hands” category comes this lesson. I had, as part of the process of converting the site to validate against W3C standards, changed the method I used for referencing my style sheet. <link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” media=”screen” title=”User Defined Style” href=”<?php echo “/attics/”; echo (!$sitestyle)?’canary’:$sitestyle ?>.css” /> I … Read more

Grammar Quiz

Well, this is a fun little diversion, though the results surprised me a bit (it’s been a couple of years since I last took an English grammar test). Unfortunately, the results are only returned in the form of a ranking, with no indication of the number of questions answered incorrectly, so it’s not as useful … Read more

Seattle to San Jose

Our journey home initially took us down Interstate 5, but as we neared Oregon we headed east, over to the Columbia River Gorge. There we drove along the Historic Columbia River Highway, enjoying the expansive views and the waterfalls along this quiet 2-lane road. We first traveled on this road 30 years ago when we … Read more

Bald Eagles in Seattle

April 6th One of the most exciting things to happen during our stay in Seattle was when I fulfilled a life-long dream to see an American Bald Eagle, reasonably up close and personal. On Tuesday afternoon, after taking a short break near the shore of Green Lake, I was walking back to the car when … Read more

3 Days Around Seattle

April 6th, 7th and 8th Having finally reached our destination, we proceeded to thoroughly enjoy our stay in Seattle. On Tuesday we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary (actual date is April 5th) by exploring the city and having dinner atop the Space Needle. We enjoyed the excellent views from Kerry Park, did some shopping at … Read more

Brookings to Seattle

April 4th and 5th 2004 After a most restful stay in Brookings we continued our journey up the coast of Oregon. We drove up to Astoria on Sunday, and on up to Seattle on Monday. The drive up to Astoria was a lot of fun. We had only been on the coast as far north … Read more

Eureka to Brookings

120 miles, 6 hours. Seems about right to me. Of course, when you’re taking roads like this: 20 miles per hour is a good rate of speed! We were fortunate enough to discover multiple alternates to highway 101, most of them directly along the coast, with excellent views and grand vistas of the Pacific Ocean. … Read more

Heading North

Our latest journey, a road trip to Seattle to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary, got off to a low-key start today. We left San Jose around 9am and with little effort (and virtually no traffic problems) made it to Eureka around 4pm. We’re heading up to Brookings tomorrow; it’s located 5 miles into Oregon from … Read more