San Diego and Seattle Trips

The blog format, with articles appearing in reverse date order so that the newest postings are displayed first, works rather well … for blogs themselves. On the other hand, if someone is trying to review all the postings on someone’s blog related to a specific activity, such as a road trip to Seattle, then there’s a problem. First, one must scroll through the blog to find the first relevant entry. Then, one must scroll back up to the beginning of that entry. Repeat as needed until all the trip entries have been read. We’ve all done it, and it’s a bit awkard.

Or, perhaps there is a better way. What I do is to create a master, normal date-order index, and then snip out the relevant entries (which can now be read from top to bottom, in correct date order). I put these extracts into an include file, and then create a new index that sources the include file. Herewith are the two latest examples of this technique, created using my blog entries related to our recent San Diego and Seattle trips.

San Diego Trip, February 2004

Seattle Trip, April 2004