Tough Times

I read the news today, oh boy. It just gets worse and worse. I’ve been a bit farklempt thinking of and reading about the very personal impact this war is having on lives all across our country.

Still, we’re there now; what do we do to exit in a manner that doesn’t make things worse? The problem is, choosing a leader isn’t like making a market investment where “past performance is no guarantee of future performance.”

Unfortunately, I think we can predict the future if a change isn’t made. Truth is, I don’t have as much confidence in Kerry as I’d like, though he is vastly superiour compared to previous Democratic candidates such as Mondale and Dukakis.

Still, I do believe almost anyone could bring a more balanced approach to solving this problem than the current president. We must begin to make amends with the leaders of the world, for one thing. I fear we may be at risk of facing U.N. sanctions ourselves for acting as a rogue state; one that does possess WMD. And, the only real competence I’ve seen exhibited by this administration is attacking folks who try to present a view that is contrary to the party line; I wish they took governing our nation as seriously.

salute to the fallen