A Stain on the Flag

There’s a whole jumble of thoughts, crying to get out and be heard. I don’t even know where to begin, nor how well this medium will work, but I’ve got to try.

I guess, for starters, I feel much as I suppose most Muslims must have felt on 9/11. Those people and their actions DO NOT represent me! The actions of the few make us all appear guilty. Visceral reaction trumps reasoned consideration. I am ashamed of actions taken by people who are supposed to reflect all that is good and positive about American values. America the Beautiful, indeed. Make sure you scroll so you can see the title of the linked post.

But it gets worse. What is one to do? There isn’t a reset button; we have a reality that needs to be addressed. History unfortunately shows us that silence and acceptance by the comfortable masses (including me) tends to allow unacceptable behaviours to continue long past any reasonable stopping point.

So I don’t know. This isn’t a 1/2 hour sitcom; there are no easy answers. Ignoring the problem in deference to the day to day activities of modern life seems to be the most common approach for most of us. If nothing else, then, let these rants stand as my record, that it’s ok to question the choices made by our so-called leaders. And no, you’re not alone if you are starting to have doubts about the wisdom of our actions and their effectiveness towards achieving our goals.

Finally, if you wonder how it was that it took 5-8 years (depending on how you count) to stop the Vietnam war, if you wonder what citizens of a bygone generation thought when they heard rumours of unthinkable actions being taken in their names … well, if you wonder, look around and look in the mirror, and then, ask yourself: what am I doing to effect positive change in the world? Start with becoming and staying aware of the actions taken by our government, in our names. Continue by discussing these topics with family, friends, and (carefully) coworkers. Write your elected representives to share your concerns, and finally, make sure you vote.