Due to Clerical Error

Actually, because I simply forgot, the domain registration for mike-sheryl.com lapsed today about 4:30PM, PDT. This means any emails sent to anyone at mike-sheryl.com are currently (11:30pm) bouncing. Since I recently moved this site to allthepages.org, the content is mostly fine.

This situation does expose my dirty little secret: I have hard-coded links to all my images, and all those links point to mike-sheryl.com. I’ll probably take this opportunity to dump the database, peform a quick edit, and then import (into a new blank mysql db). The site sure does load faster though!

I renewed a little after 8pm, and to be honest, am less than thrilled with my registrars’ committment to getting me back on the air. (I know, my lack of planning isn’t their call to emergency action.) Establishing a new domain takes less time than restoring an existing one! We’ll see how things are tomorrow; hopefully I won’t bounce too much mail. I updated a number of mailing lists to use an alternate address, but am holding off on sending a mass-mailing to my personal correspondents.

Oh, and what was I thinking about earlier today? MT or WP? MT or WP? 🙂 More on that some other time.

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