Six Apart Addresses Customer Concerns

Reacting quickly to vociferous feedback from a very engaged customer base, Six Apart today offered clarifications to their previously announced licensing terms. From what I can tell, the major issues have been addressed, though for family blogs the author limit may present a mild problem. I am still going to look closely at wordpress. I … Read more

From One DB to Another

I find it very interesting how an export file from a mysql database, as created by phpmyadmin, is a self-contained, self-expanding unit. It’s not just a file containing the text of your blog entries, and all the other database goop. No, it’s a complete series of SQL commands required to create and then populate the … Read more

Due to Clerical Error

Actually, because I simply forgot, the domain registration for lapsed today about 4:30PM, PDT. This means any emails sent to anyone at are currently (11:30pm) bouncing. Since I recently moved this site to, the content is mostly fine. This situation does expose my dirty little secret: I have hard-coded links to all … Read more

MT3: First Take

A new version of MovableType was released today. To say the announcement, which included a surprising twist with respect to licensing, was controversial would be quite the understatement. Suffice to say, a lot of good points are being made, and are being expressed very passionately. Too bad the new licensing was such a shock to … Read more

Frozen Ship, On the Water

Dramatic pictures of the Coast Guard ship Sir William Alexander during a search for a missing fishing boat in the Bay of Fundy. The ice buildup is incredible, and it’s quite an effort to keep it cleared enough that the weight of the ice doesn’t present a danger to the ship.. The missing fishing boat … Read more

Mother’s Day 2004

So this is a different holiday now that both our moms are gone. We look back and honor their memories, while at the same time honoring and celebrating our grown daughter’s role as a mom. Sometimes this creates a feeling not unlike the doppler effect experienced when hearing the whistle of an approaching and then … Read more

Plenty to Choose From

In last month’s press conference, the president responded that he wasn’t able to think of any mistakes he had made during his time in office. Patriotic citizens, alarmed by this inability to articulate an answer to such an obvious question, sprang into action. The result? A web site that lists 100 mistakes for Bush to … Read more

Cows With Guns

It’s time to lighten up a bit. The past few postings remind me of why I stopped making political or war related postings. Cows With Guns is one of those unusual tunes heard on KPIG that you won’t hear on more conventional radio stations. Written by Dana Lyons, you can listen to it online. Plus, … Read more

A Stain on the Flag

There’s a whole jumble of thoughts, crying to get out and be heard. I don’t even know where to begin, nor how well this medium will work, but I’ve got to try. I guess, for starters, I feel much as I suppose most Muslims must have felt on 9/11. Those people and their actions DO … Read more