Plenty to Choose From

In last month’s press conference, the president responded that he wasn’t able to think of any mistakes he had made during his time in office. Patriotic citizens, alarmed by this inability to articulate an answer to such an obvious question, sprang into action. The result? A web site that lists 100 mistakes for Bush to choose from. They are arranged by topic, and include the environment, the economy, Iraq, etc.

On occasion, I’ll highlight select entries from the list, starting with this one:

3. Not equipping troops in Iraq with adequate body armor or armored HUMVEES.

I’ve heard various other reports indicating that both people and equipment was lacking what would be considered standard protective gear. Some sources indicate as many as 100 lives were needlessly lost due to a lack of armor and vests. That’s criminal, if true. Anyway, it really is as bad as it appears, and reviewing the list of mistakes will help reinforce the need for a little regime change at home.