Mike’s Moblog

Though busy packing and getting ready for our upcoming trip to Kansas I did find time to figure out how to use the moblog capabilities of my (neglected) TypePad site. I can take (surprisingly low quality) images on my new Motorola V600 cell phone and email them directly to the web via a special TypePad … Read more

Maui Finale

Here’s a Maui wrapup, full of images that didn’t fit elsewhere or that simply deserved a second chance to be seen. There are a lot of sunset photos; what can I say?   A pair of sunsets. :: Kahakuloa Church, cows so close to the ocean one wonders if they are an offering for a … Read more


According to this BBC report, the objects shown below are only 5 millionths of an inch in size and are “grown” using advanced semiconductor techniques. (See the referenced article for more technical details.) I’m sharing them here simply because they are beautiful and provide a fascinating view of the nano-world. (images courtesy of the BBC)

Using the V600 with a Mac

Though not supported by Apple or Motorola, it is possible to use the Motorola V600 mobile phone with an Apple computer, in this instance a 15″ Al PowerBook. This article describes setting up a bluetooth connection; no doubt using a USB cable would be different. While it’s true I had no problem finding info on … Read more

Diplomats & Military Commanders for Change

A bi-partisan group of former US military commanders and diplomats held a press conference and issued a very strongly worded call for the defeat of the president this fall. Known as the Diplomats & Military Commanders for Change, they represent an unprecedented coming together of a normally non-political group of career government servants. In the … Read more

Sometimes I Wonder

how the average middle-class German citizen felt in the late 1930s. (Someone said a better question is: “how did they feel in 1948?”) This editorial from the Chicago Sun-Times is thought provoking, to say the least. I do believe, hopefully not naively, that we’re still in much better shape now, but eternal vigilence means asking … Read more