Maui Finale

Here’s a Maui wrapup, full of images that didn’t fit elsewhere or that simply deserved a second chance to be seen. There are a lot of sunset photos; what can I say?

Maui sunset Maui sunset, Lahaina
A pair of sunsets.

Kahakuloa church

cows grazing near the ocean

Kihei beach

Kahakuloa Church, cows so close to the ocean one wonders if they are an offering for a local seamonster and a view of the upper portion of Maui as seen from a Kihei beach.

Kihei sunset

Maui rainbow

red hibiscus

Kihei sunset, a beautiful Maui double rainbow as seen from our room (look closely to the right to see the 2nd rainbow) and a bright hibiscus flower.

Kihei sunset Kihei sunset

And so ends another trip to paradise … Maui–Noi Ka Oi