JFK 2004 Acceptance Speech

I realize that in today’s political climate one blog entry is unlikely to change anyone’s mind, and agreeing to disagree is sometimes the best that can be done. I’m posting about John Kerry’s acceptance speech for those who might still be on the fence, or those that need some validation that Kerry is a viable … Read more

Is it Mimas or the Death Star

The Cassini spacecraft has been returning wonderful photos of Saturn and its rings all summer, but this image of Mimas, one of the moons of Saturn, really caught my eye. The crater that is visible near the top is about 80 miles wide, and the mountain in the middle is as high as Mt. Everest. … Read more

Monument Rocks

Having visited Monument Rocks last year, we were excited when we had the opportunity to swing by this unusual geological formation on the way to Lindsborg a few weeks ago. These fossil encrusted limestone structures are remnants from the time when Kansas was at the bottom of an ocean, and are 2-3 stories tall. It’s … Read more

Bound to Cover Just a Little More Ground

After 26 years of living in the SF Bay Area, and 30 years since we first left home, we’ve made the decision to return to our hometown of Lindsborg, Kansas. This decision comes after contemplating such a move off and on for the past 6 years. To be honest, this is probably still as much … Read more

Approaching Storm

We recently returned from a fairly long family visit in Kansas. Unlike many of our recent road trips, this one wasn’t documented via this journal. There were many, now irrelevant, reasons for that and though I’d like to go through the few hundred trip photos and create a travelogue, realistically, that’s probably not going to … Read more

Cabela’s Catalogs

A recent entry by ZulyZu reminded me of a fantastic catalog I saw while staying with my brother. Called something like the Cabela’s Master Product Catalog, it’s 500+ pages of outdoor equipment the likes of which I’d never seen before. (ex. a deer hunting vest that includes a built-in seat!) It’s apparently somewhat hard to … Read more

Welcome (Back) to the Working Week

Returning to work after a two week absence, I could really use something like this! From Jim via Ross and Chuqui