Lindsborg House Update

Between work, packing and just sorting all the details related to buying a house in Lindsborg, I just haven’t had much time for posting.

The last week has been very interesting, stressful, exciting and ultimately fulfilling. We started with a flood insurance quote of 3000 dollars, and ended the week with a quote of 300 dollars a year; it’s a wonder what the results of an elevation survey can do!

We’ve had the finishing bits of work done on the house, checked that all outstanding issues have been dealt with and except for one fairly minor point are ready to close. The finance guy told me the loan is approved, and at this point we are due to close on the 7th of September. Nice touch; that’s Sheryl’s mom’s birthday! (We’d close by Thursday or Friday if we were in town, but due to the distance and the Labor Day holiday it will take a few more days.)

At this point, our plan is to start loading up a rather large U-haul truck on Thursday, the 9th and then leave