Speaking of Moving

Things are progressing well with our Lindsborg house purchase; the closing is still scheduled for the end of August. Various minor issues have arisen after the inspections, and they are being resolved; the bankers always have another doc request, but overall I’m pleased with how things are going.

Of course, as this dream comes closer to being real so too does the realization of just how much work it is to plan a cross-country move. Hesitant to give it too much thought lest we jinx the whole deal, the time is fast approaching for a frenzy of packing.

We anticipated having second thoughts about all this, and we have, though of course not quite in the ways anticipated. Northern California has been home for over 25 years and it is hard to leave. Still, at this point we’re committed (not resigned; we could still cancel if that’s what we wanted) to make this move another great adventure (of which we’ve been blessed with our share). We’ve checked the map, and the number of destinations within 400 miles of Lindsborg will make for many new roadtrips!