The House is Ours!

Today we got a call from our loan arranger letting us know the deal was complete and the docs were on their way to be recorded at the county courthouse. Exhausted, our reaction has been somewhat subdued; I don’t think it’s fully sunk in that we in fact, did purchase a house in Lindsborg. I … Read more

Back on Track

We’ve hopefully got the signing/closing date issues resolved, and are scheduled to sign on Friday and close on Monday. It turned out it was just one of those things that can happen when doing a long-distance real-estate transaction. There were multiple parties involved and differing interpretations of effective dates. Anyway, we’ll find out Monday. We’ve … Read more

No House

at least not today. We were supposed to close today, the 7th of September. We signed all the papers on Friday, had them notarized, etc and sent them off for arrival and recording today. Except that that most wonderful of consumer loan companies, US Bank (bad company, no link), screwed up the paperwork so bad … Read more

Lindsborg from the Air

One of the earliest web pages I created focused on Lindsborg, with a few photos and links to Lindsborg area attractions. Though that page is no longer current, I did rescue this photo of Lindsborg from the air that I created almost 10 years ago. Based on a scan from a local calendar, I added … Read more