No House

at least not today. We were supposed to close today, the 7th of September. We signed all the papers on Friday, had them notarized, etc and sent them off for arrival and recording today.

Except that that most wonderful of consumer loan companies, US Bank (bad company, no link), screwed up the paperwork so bad that we may not close till the 13th. We get to redo the hourlong signing and notarizing process and put our plans on hold for another week.

I expected the unexpected during the 6 weeks while we arranged the funding, had inspections performed, etc. I did not expect a colossal screwup by the bank.

I should have known, though. US Bank is apparently immoral as well as incompetent. One of the forms I signed on Friday indicated that they would spam me without mercy unless I wrote them a letter explicitly requesting to be removed from the lists I never signed up for in the first place.

Ah well, another life lesson here: the unexpected happens, by definition, when unexpected!