Cow Creek After 1.5″ of Rain

Well, we knew there was an occasional creek running through our property when we bought it, and today we have proof. It rained most of the night, and now Cow Creek really is a creek. Here are a few photos showing the water level after 1.5 inches of rain overnight. It confirms that the back … Read more

Prominent Republicans Against Bush

For a variety of reasons, I’ve shied away from writing about politics lately. Both sides are strongly polarized, and so firm in their beliefs, that it’s hard to come up with any compelling new arguments. So I’m trying a new tack today. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. It seems that it’s not only … Read more

Fall Colors Near Lindsborg

I still don’t have a lot of time for posting, but did want to share a couple of nice photos I took late yesterday afternoon. We were about 3 miles southwest of Lindsborg for the first photo, and a couple of miles west for the 2nd. The first image is looking northeast, with the late … Read more

Chocolate Bread

This is an excellent recipe, and the resultant chocolate pound cake is moist with a fine, tight grain and an incredibly rich chocolate flavor. It’s basically the same recipe as the one found in the Cake Bible, though you’ll have to buy the book for all of Beranbaum’s commentary and expanded directions. Chocolate Bread 3 … Read more

Update From Lindsborg

Traditional Swedish welcome message adorns the old river bridge entrance to Lindsborg. Four weeks ago we closed the deal for our house in Lindsborg; it’s been four weeks since I’ve posted here. Coincidence? I think not, given all that’s happened in the past month and considering that I am making this posting from Lindsborg. We … Read more